Opayra is the company behind Thierry Vergult.

I'm a seasoned freelance consultant, and not only an Oracle Payroll expert.

I'm working on projects in Europe and Africa, preferably combining some of the domains of expertise below :

  • project management
  • technical development, mainly with Oracle tools and web development
  • functional design within the HR & Payroll domain
  • data visualisations
opayra bv
millinocketstraat 46
9000 gent

BE 0864.183.787

Actual focus is on payroll and data visualisations.
From the time before social networks, here some blog posts.
headcount visualisation
payslip visualisation
sunburst treemap
payroll in africa
apex on apps
More info to integrate apex, aka Oracle application express, with Oracle's eBusiness suite.
Documentool generates your Oracle eBusiness suite Hr & Payroll setup documentation.

  • oracle database
  • html & css
  • javascript
  • sql & plsql
  • oracle application express (apex)
nl tax - knaak 1999

Bereken loonheffing & sv premies

  • witte maandtabel
  • jonger dan de AOW leeftijd
  • woonland Nederland

uniform loon

  • loonheffing
  • sv bedragen
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sql-webservice on a public google sheet.
candy pie

a configurable, interactive 3d pie chart in your browser

    for more details

    open source repository on github


candy bar

An example of a 3d multi-categorical bar chart

  • You can select to see 3 or 4 sub-categories on a candy bar
  • You can choose the sub-category you want to see in front
  • click on a pane to see the actual numbers
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